Wisconsin Craft Market is Permanently Closed

(well, almost permanently)

We were only in the beginning stages of our store closing sale when the Coronavirus forced us to shut down. We worked with our landlord to see if we could get an extension and they were as helpful as they could be. Unfortunately with the impending tear down and re-development of Westgate Mall, the time frame simply wouldn’t allow us enough time to wait out the COVID-19 restrictions and then re-open to sell our remaining inventory. Our only option was to pack it all up and put it in climate controlled storage until a vaccine is developed. We’re guessing that everything will remain in storage for at least a year when we’ll hopefully find a temporary new spot to have a grand re-opening of our store closing sale, which I’m sure is a retail first. Until then, our store email and Facebook page will remain active so please watch for updates.

Stay safe, and thanks for 31 years of your support. We enjoyed every minute!