COVID-19 Update

Wisconsin Craft Market has decided to temporarily close in order to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.  Of all the many things we had to worry about and plan for with our store closing sale, this obviously never popped up on our radar.

Because of our closing sale, our store traffic has dramatically increased which is good for us as we try to sell through our remaining inventory but those larger crowds also add additional concern. Since half of our staff is in their 60’s as is a significant portion of our customer base, we felt the prudent thing to do is to shut it down for awhile. We are hoping that HyVee will work with us in extending our deadline to vacate but at this point there’s no way of telling how long we’ll have to remain closed. We hope it’s not terribly long as we still have a lot of inventory to sell through.

We will post updates on our Facebook page and our website. We’re wishing everyone the best in these next few weeks. We’ll certainly miss seeing you, but for now let’s all concentrate on staying healthy.